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  1. http://www./ sagt:

    2 trillion vidoes already on youtube are now screwed, gee thanks for this new update and for asking us with poll if we would like it or not 😉 Atleast provide some options to fix the old youtube movies to better addopt to this format

  2. The ones who hunted caribou, you mean… Very speculative in any case: obviously people would use hunting strategies that granted survivability, not outright suicide. In my area they hunted bison, horse, auroch, deer and goats mostly, probably depending on the season. I did not even heard before of caribou at all in relation with European UP (unless it’s the same as reindeer). In general they are thought as being semi-sedentary, based on actual archaeological data, with hunting grounds of maybe 100 km radium at most.

  3. If you don’t know the difference than that’s a reflection of your lack of critical thinking. I really don’t care what sources you choose to rely on or what you deem as “knowledge”. All I know is that it is resulting in the spread of unecessary hatred and bigotry and that can never be a positive thing.

  4. The 30 rd mags usually work well but are long and cumbersome. The 15 rd Korean mags are very good as are REAL US GI mags. Be very wary of any other 15 rd mags.

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